Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jeffs Slippering (((Acount)))

Dear Aunt Isobel and fellow members

Please allow me to tell you about my interest.

When I was a young, if I had earned a spanking, it was always
administered whilst I was dressed in pyjamas. My mother would require
me to put on my pyjamas regardless of the time of day and put me over
her knee and spank me with the spanking slipper. This was the left
slipper of an unworn pair, I remember it had fur continuously around
the collar and was coloured blue and I have no idea what happened to
the right slipper. I was always spanked over my pyjama bottoms, they
were never lowered, in those days pyjama bottoms were kept up with a
tie cord and were usually tied trapping the pyjama jacket hem inside
the bottoms so lowering then was quite difficult.After the spanking
was finished mother would expect me to thank her and apologise for
whatever misdemeanor I had done to warrant the spanking in the first
place. Then I would be sent to bed. As I have mentioned, this could be
at any time of the day and I was once sent to bed before lunch.

Consequently, as you can imagine I have spent most of my adult life
trying to recreate those scenarios. I had a wonderful partner who
wanted to help, indeed she bought material and reproduced pairs of
pyjamas that I described from my youth and purchased slippers as near
as possible to my mothers.Unfortunately, when she had to give me the
actual slippering she took one look at me in my Cowboy and Indian
motif pyjamas and burst into laughter and then I would follow. I am
afraid she just could not role play enough to take it seriously and
who can blame her. Fantasies and fetishes can appear very odd to others.

So now I am alone and still on my quest. Sorry to ramble on like this
but I thought I would let you know my background. I have seen
images of Aunt Isobel spanking pyjama clad males and thought that she
would not be too taken aback by my unusual peccadillo.

Respectfully yours


A Fantasy (((Acount)))

The scene was set the minute we met. Dressed in tight black leather
skirt, black blouse, black seamed stockings and black shoes Aunt
Isabel stood hands on hips and demanded to know what I had been up
too. I said 'Nothing', which I soon discovered was the wrong thing to say!

Striding towards me she spun me round and she smacked and whacked her
hand off my bottom and the backs of my legs. 'How dare you tell me
lies, Gerard. I have just the cure for your nonsense.'

Going into a drawer she produced a thick light tan Lochgelly
strap.'Get your hands up NOW!' She barked. 'Double them.'

I stood in front of her with my hands up doubled, one on top of the
other. The two tailed strap went over her shoulder and she brought it
down three times in quick succession onto the outstretched palm of my
right hand SMACK, THWACK, and THWACK again!

'Change!' she commanded.

Knowing better than to argue I exchanged my reddening right hand for
my left. No sooner had I done so when I felt it SMACK, THWACK, and
THWACK off my other hand. I shook both hands furiously thinking that
six would suffice. Not one bit of it!

'How dare you move your hands without permission. Get them up, and
keep them up until I say otherwise. This time change them after each
stroke.' Tears came to my eyes as she belted me again.

This time I got six of the VERY best!

'Don't'...THWACK, 'dare'...THWACK, 'tell'...SMACK, 'me'...THWACK,
'lies' THWACK, 'again!'...THWACK.

When she had finished I was doubled up in pain. My throbbing stinging
hands were clutched between my thighs. The tears rolled down my cheeks
as she pulled me up straight. Holding me in a vice like grip Aunt
Isabel's strap whipped down SMACK, THWACK, SMACK across the backs of
my legs.

'Get your hands on your head this instant Gerard. Don't dare move them
unless you want my strap across the backs of your legs properly!

This threat brought me to my senses immediately and I stood like a
naughty school boy in front of her.

'Now what have you been up to?' She asked once more 'If you want
another double six just continue lying to me. I have all day to get to
the bottom of your misbehaviour. Or should I say YOUR BOTTOM!

Knowing the game was up I stammered that I had been playing truant,
had been using bad language and had made rude signs to a neighbour,
Mrs Mannion.

'You are in big trouble Gerard, and you know it! It was Mrs Mannion
who just phoned me to tell me just that! You will be going round to
apologise to her first thing in the morning, and from what she tells
me you are in for another leathering!'

She then pulled me over to her chair and leant down and slipped off my

'Keep your hands on your head my boy' she commanded, as she began to
smack the backs and sides of each of my legs in turn.

SMACK 'much more' SMACK SLAP SMACK 'then this' SMACK WHACK SLAP 'by
the time I've finished' SMACK SMACK SMACK 'with you!' SMACK WHACK SLAP

Her hands went to the waist band of my trousers as she said 'Now let's
get these shorts right down and get you over my knee.'

She neatly and methodically turned up my vest and shirt, and then
pulled my shorts down to below my knees until all that remained
directly in the way of a bare bottom spanking were my pants.

'We will keep these where they are for now' she said 'But rest assured
they won't be staying up, or on, for very long!'

Then pulling me round to her right hand side Aunt Isabel took both my
wrists in her hands and pulled me across her knee.

'Right over I said. I want your bare bottom high in the air.
Straighten those legs and be on your tiptoes. For truancy alone you
are now going to get a hairbrush spanking to remember.'

Belt (((Clip)))

Friday, 4 September 2009

Because I want to (((Clip)))


Nephews Slippers (((Story)))

As I had a quiet weekend, I decided to try and do a little Christmas shopping. So armed with my shopping list off I went to the shopping mall at Wakefield. I bought several gifts for friends and family and as I sat having a coffee marked off my list the gifts I had managed to purchase. My nephew has always been difficult to buy for and after racking my brain as to what to buy a young man, I took the easy option, and decided to buy slippers. So after finishing my coffee off I went to try and buy slippers for my nephew. I called into several shoe shops, but I there was none that I liked. Very disheartened I walked into the very last shoe shop in the mall. There on the rail was the perfect pair. The male assistant came over and asked if he could help. I pointed out the slippers and told him which ones I wanted and the size, off he went to the stock room to collect the footwear. He brought them over to me and handed them over so that I could examine them. Yes they were the right colour and as I turned them over to examine the soles, the assistant asked why I was looking at the soles so closely, smiling I explained that I liked to spank naughty boys with them. His eyes lit up, and bending down he whispered in my ear "then madam, maybe you’d like to follow me into the stockroom and try them out on me", well how could I resist.

He picked up the slippers and walked towards a door at the back of the store. I followed and when we were in the stock room he shut the door and moved a long bench seat behind the door for me to sit on. He stood in front of me with a look of fear and apprehension on his face. Staring him straight in the face I told him to take down his trousers and bend over my knee. He seemed rather nervous but did as he was told, he slowly lowered himself across my knee and with the brand new mans slipper in my hand I raised up my arm and brought it down with full force onto his bottom. He wriggled around with pain and pleasure, I then slowly lowered his underpants so I could admire my handy work and revealed a wonderful red buttock. I gave him another spank on bare flesh and once again he whimpered, I spanked him another 4 times before we were interrupted by another assistant trying to get into the stock room. He hurriedly pulled up his trousers and moved the bench from behind the door. With 4 flushed cheeks he opened the door and made some excuse about me being a family friend. As we came back into the shop I agreed that the slippers were perfect. He popped them into a bag and handed the bag to me saying, these slippers were free on the house. I walked away from the shop hoping that all my Christmas shopping would be this enjoyable.

Johns Slippering (((Story)))

I would like to recall the slippering I was alluding to in
an earlier post, Peters ones in the photo look very similar but my
aunties were a brighter red, but the soles are very similar, my
mother had 7 sisters and so there was lots of cousins around the same
age, I guess I must have been about 12, I was with one cousin the
same age and one about 2 years older and his friend, we were playing
football outside in the back garden, we had been playing for quite a
while when my older cousin kick the ball over the fence and smashed a
window in the old man's greenhouse next door, we all ran over the
back fence and through the gardens in to the park, my heart was
racing we were all panicking, we just sat there on the swings, my
older cousin friend said don’t worry no one would have seen us, after
about 20 mins I started to ease off as I started to believe him, as
we were heading out the park one of my other cousins to us we had to
go in, what for was the reply, I don’t know she said but she looked
quite angry, it might be nothing said my cousin, the cousin the same
age as me did not put me at ease, he said if she has found out she
will leather us, my heart started to race again, my cousins friend
said she cannot leather me, as we got in she was standing in the
living room and told us to get in, as we got in the old man from next
door was having a cup of tea, now then she said what have you been
getting up to, nothing we replied, she asked us who smashed the
window, nobody owned up, oh well she said as well as the leathering
you are going to get you two will be grounded for a week and I will
be telling your two mothers, , the friend said to
her you cant touch me, she replied we will see about that, my younger
cousin piped in it was me, she said finally now we are getting
somewhere, the friend piped up now that he has owned up can I go
now, she replied it does not matter who did it, I am going to leather
you for running away, and further more you two are older and should
know better, the old man got up and said thank you to my aunt and
said he should go, my aunt said drink your tea at least you will see
justice being done, she summoned my older cousin to her and told him
to go over the arm of the sofa, now she had a long mahogany sideboard
beside the sofa, she opened one of the drawers and brought out this

red half fur collar slipper, this was the first time that I had seen
this, usually they would take off the slipper they were wearing and
she had pink full fur collar slippers on, it seemed like an age since
we were summoned, she slightly adjusted him and then began to slipper
his backside, he was howling, as she was slippering she was
chastising him as well the only thing louder than his howls were the
slipper whacks, I did not think she was going to stop, she finally
told him to get up, she pointed at him with slipper in hand and told
him to get upstairs and get to bed, my other cousin was next, she
beckoned him to the sofa with her pointed slipper, he was crying
before she had started, I guess he had tasted her slipper before and
knew what was coming, the sofa arm looked the perfect height for him,
his backside was in the air as she started the onslaught, after it
she told him to get up again she pointed the slipper at him and told
him to get upstairs to bed, she summoned me next with her slipper in
hand, she told me she was going to leather me for running away and
not coming in and being honest, she said that every time I sat down
for the next few days I would remember why I been leathered, I felt
really uncomfortable over the arm and when the first one landed I
squealed in agony and came up she warned me to get back down or she
would whack me harder, the 2nd one was worst I came up again she
eventually held me down with one hand and slippered me with her
other, she let me up and told me to go to the boys room as well, I
was in a complete state of shock as I made my way to the door their
friend had said you can not hit me, she said fair enough she told the
old man to phone the police and let them deal with it, he soon
changed his mind, I still had not left the room yet when she began
slippering him she really laid into him, she must have caught me out
of the side of her eye and paused her slippering, why are you still
her do you want a repeat, no I said, she replied if your are not
upstairs by the time I am finished I will come out and leather you
again, as I was going up the stairs the whacks from downstairs kept
coming they seemed to get louder and louder, I was standing at the
top of the stairs when she came out with the other guy he was really
bawling his eyes out, my older cousin came out her room and asked me
if I was ok, she seen I was clearly in distress said to me you better
go into the room, if she catches you out of the room she will leather
you again she has done it before just ask they 2 in there, about 4
hours later she came into the room and told us our dinner was
ready, she was right about something when you hear the statement you
will not be able to sit down for a week it certainly applied here,
every time I went back into that house I thought of that dreadful
slippering, finally when I was about 16 I had the courage to go over
to the drawer, there was nobody about and I was not going to miss
this chance, it was 4 year since that day, the sideboard was still
there but it was a new sofa, I opened the drawer and it was still
there, I lifted it and inspected it, the sole was the thickest I had
seen, I wonder how long she kept it,