Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jeffs Slippering (((Acount)))

Dear Aunt Isobel and fellow members

Please allow me to tell you about my interest.

When I was a young, if I had earned a spanking, it was always
administered whilst I was dressed in pyjamas. My mother would require
me to put on my pyjamas regardless of the time of day and put me over
her knee and spank me with the spanking slipper. This was the left
slipper of an unworn pair, I remember it had fur continuously around
the collar and was coloured blue and I have no idea what happened to
the right slipper. I was always spanked over my pyjama bottoms, they
were never lowered, in those days pyjama bottoms were kept up with a
tie cord and were usually tied trapping the pyjama jacket hem inside
the bottoms so lowering then was quite difficult.After the spanking
was finished mother would expect me to thank her and apologise for
whatever misdemeanor I had done to warrant the spanking in the first
place. Then I would be sent to bed. As I have mentioned, this could be
at any time of the day and I was once sent to bed before lunch.

Consequently, as you can imagine I have spent most of my adult life
trying to recreate those scenarios. I had a wonderful partner who
wanted to help, indeed she bought material and reproduced pairs of
pyjamas that I described from my youth and purchased slippers as near
as possible to my mothers.Unfortunately, when she had to give me the
actual slippering she took one look at me in my Cowboy and Indian
motif pyjamas and burst into laughter and then I would follow. I am
afraid she just could not role play enough to take it seriously and
who can blame her. Fantasies and fetishes can appear very odd to others.

So now I am alone and still on my quest. Sorry to ramble on like this
but I thought I would let you know my background. I have seen
images of Aunt Isobel spanking pyjama clad males and thought that she
would not be too taken aback by my unusual peccadillo.

Respectfully yours



  1. I note that you Aunt Isobel, also seem to enjoy spanking naughty boys who are wearing pyjamas.Why is this?

  2. I want that slipper please hard n fast